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Superior Marine Diesel Engines

Johnson Diesel provides offers high performing marine diesel engines that can sustain its durability for a longer cycle under heavy commercial, personal use, or any climate conditions. Our trusted company offers a wide selection of cutting-edge and efficient from recognized brands in the market today. 


We offer used or rebuilt marine engines. Marine engines services include:

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Engine alignment 

  • Electronic diagnostics tests 

  • Oil and fuel test analysis

  • Diesel injector service

  • Modern motor installations 

  • Borescope and inside motor analysis

  • Main motor rebuilds 

  • Complete diesel engine overhauls 

  • Main motor re-powering

  • Performance checks with sea trials

An Array of Marine Diesel Parts

Check out the following marine diesel parts available for any of your marine diesel needs.

  • Cylinder liner

  • Cylinder covers

  • Piston skirt

  • Piston crown

  • Piston ring

  • Non-return valve or safety valve

  • Cooling jacket

  • Fuel valve

  • Suction valve

  • Spindle guide

  • Nozzles

  • Exhaust valve

  • Fuel valve complete

  • Nozzles

  • Spindle guide complete

  • Exhaust valve complete

  • Starting valve

  • Suction valve complete

  • Puncture complete

  • Bearing shell

  • Main spare four-stroke engine

  • Spindle valves


Marine Transmission Services

Keep your marine transmissions trouble-free at Johnson Diesel. Our experienced mechanics are always ready to accommodate you with unmatched quality of maintenance care. Whether it's new or rebuilt, we provide all types of services for marine transmissions including:

  • Preventative maintenance and servicing

  • Performance checks and sea trials

  • Oil and fuel sample analysis

  • New transmission installations

  • Transmission rebuilds

  • Borescope and internal analysis

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